The Most Nervous I’ve Ever Been

Last year having lunch and exchanging books with my friend Rick Moorten he mentioned that when he first moved to town one of the places where he made some meaningful connections with folks was at Ignite Boise. Which was explained to me as a Boise’s best ideas in 5 mins. I checked out the website and lo and behold they had one coming up annnd they needed a few more submissions to add variety. Clearly not thinking I submitted a real quick email about my personal philosophy of living deliberately. The moment I hit send regret overcame me, what was I thinking?! To my horror my pitch was selected and I would be speaking to hundreds of strangers in the jam packed Egyptian Theater in two weeks time. Fast forward to the event and I can’t even focus on rehearsing my talk because all the other speakers talks were so interesting. My left arm went numb seconds before my turn then the right arm started to go and my mind raced…how am I going to hold the microphone I can’t control my hands! Is it possible to have a stroke brought on by nerves?!

Below is the video that will live forever on youtube and as I watch it for the first time since it was posted my heart still clenches. Suprisingly I was still able to get out some useful information and I think I’m happy that I did something that scared me to the core and know that I’m happy that it’s over.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Nervous I’ve Ever Been

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  2. Great presentation before all those people. I’ll be interested reading about your adventures living in your tiny house. I am planning to build a Sonoma Shanty as a shed in my backyard. I’m viewing it as a learning experience as I would like to build a tiny house in NH or ME in the future.

  3. vicki mitchell

    Good Job Kristie, I could barely tell you were nervous.

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