Off Grid Water System


“Even if your on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” -Will Rodgers
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You ever have one of those days where it seems nothing can go right and you just want to call is your mom but she's in Alaska for a month without cell service?

Well I'm having one of those weeks so when a much needed trip to McCall for the fourth of July got delayed I was in serious need of an attitude adjustment. So I sulked for about 5 mins and then I did what any red blooded american gal would do, I changed into an american flag bikini climbed onto my roof and rehashed my water system; as I believe that all my frustration stems from not being able to shower!

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3 thoughts on “Off Grid Water System

  1. Bob Oxford

    The Old Red White and Blue never looked better.

  2. jacgolf

    Bikini was the only clean thing you had left, wasn’t it?

    Where and how are you hooked up? I am assuming that from the picture, you are in the middle of freaking nowhere. Are you on a well-(existing?) or is there another source? Sorry if you covered this in another comment section, but I envy myself in your position, and while you do look great in a bikini, I am more curious about where the heck you find water and on a personal level, where you drop a duece? (pardon my french on that one)

    • Lol just about the only thing left, really though we had triple digit weather for more than a week!

      When I shot this I was “trucking” the water in, filling up tanks 6 miles away at a truck stop then pumping it onto my house. I did that for 5 months, I just got water on Nov. 1st – you can read about it on the Addition post.

      As for the other – I am a lady and therefore have no idea what your talking about ;)

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