Peacock Christmas

The Gilded Cage

“I can’t do nothing just a little.” -Dolly Parton.
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My Dad is a Speech/English teacher at Century High School in Pocatello, ID and last year the school had another less than par showing at the Festival of Trees in turn he volunteered me to decorate the tree this year. Which I of coarse jumped at the chance to spend someone else's money on shiny objects. The school only had a $200 budget which I went over $29.14 (I just couldn't resist).

It took a little convincing but I went with a peacock theme which is in keeping with the school colors. We blew $55 at Hobby Lobby on 5 beautiful peacocks and from there we searched out 2 birdcages at Tai Pan Trading for $26. For the remaining 3 peacocks we took to the thrift shops where we scored 2 diamond shaped wood wall art ($4) which would have been hideous in any other application but it worked perfect for our tree. My favorite though, was a leopard lined Victoria Secret jewelry box at Idaho Youth Ranch for $4.

Another amazing find was at the Dollar Tree where we got crazy, cool ornate hand mirrors which I snagged 6. I decided to go with a crown tree topper but wasn't able to find one in Pocatello soooo I made one using a metal flower stand ($2 at thrift store), gold glitter 3" ribbon ($4 at Walmart) and a dollar store ornament. A couple other ways we saved were we spray painted glass goblets gold as well as made fans from some fabulous purple sparkly wrapping paper.

It turned out Super GAUDY and I love it!

$6 Crown tree topper

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4 thoughts on “Peacock Christmas

  1. Eric

    If you lived in Utah you could have found all of these items at Deseret Industries, I swear I saw copper trimmed bird cage the other day, nevertheless I am positive the students love it!!

  2. N

    Shame your blog is so sexed up, I might follow it if it were not. Maybe you’ll get a lot of male followers. You nearly fit the tiny house porn term.

    • I’m sorry my style is not to your liking but as the old saying goes “you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself”

      And in your case I’d advise you to take that advice quite literally ;)

  3. Lauren Neher

    Wow, “n”, what the HELL are you reading here? Run along and read your bible with all the fighting and fornicating and carrying on and just.go.away. And don’t come back.

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