Minimal Mail

“Sometimes it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.”

When I moved the tiny house on to my land I didn’t know how to go about getting an address. All I had was some parcel numbers on the deed. I called the post office they sent me to one of their locations, which sent me to another location, which told me I need to go to the county offices fill out a bunch of paperwork, which I never got around to doing. 

Instead I decided that I would essentially make a semi educated guess as to what my address might be, slap it on the mailbox and see what happens.  Well I did just that and a couple days later there was a typed letter from my mail lady explaining that the mailbox would not be active until I listed the names of the residents on the back of the letter. I grabbed a pen, scribbled my name and a quick note and put it back in the mail box. 

A few days later I received a thoughtful gift (a battery extender iPhone case) directly from ebay to my mailbox.
It worked!! 

I love getting mail, mostly because I’ve been able to evade spammers. If your fed up with junk mail you can sign up to stop it at

Another fantastic site is This site has you put in your zip code and it displays all the phone books in your area (my folks had 5) after a quick register of your address you can pick which one you would still like to receive if any.

Getting rid of the junk leaves more room for good.

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7 thoughts on “Minimal Mail

  1. Joan

    I love what you are doing and love your posts. You are absolutely amazing. Please never leave me out.


  2. Peter Vandendort

    I haven’t received or sent a “good old fashioned postcard” in a long time. I miss that way of communicating…kinda like slowing down to the speed of life as the quote goes. Thanks Kristie!

  3. What??? You can still send a post card in America??? Who knew… :/

  4. Was Little House On The Prairie one of your favorite shows?

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