Michael Kors Knockoff

Michael Kors Knockoff

Original Michael Kors hot pink floor length dress retails at $3,995. Famously worn by Jlo and Brooklyn Decker.

I decided I had to have it months ago when I spotted it on pintrest. It took awhile to find the right fabric but I finally did and it cost a whopping $13.76!

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13 thoughts on “Michael Kors Knockoff

  1. Kristie, you are simply amazing, a true Renaissance woman of many accomplishments, talents and OMG gorgeous too. Sigh…

  2. Sean

    Holy wow! I’m sorry, but you look a million times better than J-Lo could ever hope to look!

  3. I like your dress better than the original!!!

  4. Brandi

    wow you are a very talented seamstress, awesome!!!

  5. I like this dress a lot and not just because your wearing it, the length and material appear to make for difficult walking though. y Tus nalgas son perfectas, probablamente haces muchos ejercicios!:)

  6. thanks everyone your extremely generous

  7. Taylor

    Damn, if being sexy is a crime,you’d be guilty as charged!

  8. wow! you make the dress look good.

  9. Same place and time with JLo – it would be your show. Great how you inspire to downsize life without loss lifestyle. Keep up that pace – your blog will explode.

  10. elainelwalker


    I thought you might be interested in the Tiny House Fair in Vermont, June 14-16


  11. Great dress and a wonderful figure.

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