How to be a Promo Model

CMA fest Chevy brand ambassadors, Nashville TN

CMA fest Chevy brand ambassadors, Nashville TN

I just got back from working Sundance Film Festival and where I met/saw countless celebrities, went to VIP parties and two film premiers. I posted a status update on facebook before I went and my inbox flooded with envy filled questions on how I get these kind of jobs.

Here is the long answer..

I’ve always liked to work behind the scenes, I’ve never been a waitress or bartender instead opting for factory and labor positions. However, when a promotion gig for CMA Fest came my way I had to do it because it filled a goal of going to Nashville which out weighed my resistance to being seen. What I discovered is that there was much more to promotions than just being eye candy (what I dreaded). There’s a lot of problem solving and improvising (which I love). Because I had never done this kind of work I treated it like any other job and let me tell you when the hired “booth babe” doesn’t blink when taking out the trash or knows how to use power tools to keep the canopy from falling, not only do you get respect but you get job offers.

I don’t take all that are offered, I use Derrick Siver’s philosophy when trying to decide, it’s either a Hell Yeah or a No. It’s gotta be some place I really want to go or an exceptional company.

Think you may be interested in being a promo model or brand ambassador? Usually you’ll make anywhere from $16-$22 an hour. Don’t expect travel to be included. There aren’t a ton of promos in Idaho so I treat it like a working vacation, I pick an event I would like to go to, then find a job there. Not only does it pay for my vacation with usually a few hundred in take home money but I get free access which is the big deal. One downside is you won’t be paid for 30 – 60 days in most cases. It is a great gig all in all, there is not experience or education requirements. What you do need to become a great BA is listed below.

Sundance promotion for Chase Sapphire, Park City UT

Sundance promotion for Chase Sapphire, Park City UT

Friendly – You need to be a happy person in general or your going to hate this job. If your the kind of person who starts a conversation in the grocery aisle then there’s a good chance you would be a good fit for this industry.

Well Rounded – During an event you will talk to hundreds of people, if your only talking about the product or promotion you won’t be making genuine connections. Being well read or well rounded will allow you to find something in common with just about everyone. For example this last event I struck up a conversation with a guy in a Harley jacket (rare for a film festival), because of my social media job with Danny Gray I know a bit about motorcycles, as it turns out he owns a company that makes plastic packaging, and I worked at a plastics recycling center out of complete curiosity this summer. He is one of the dozen interesting people that I exchanged contact information with that week.

Hard Working – As with all jobs there is no way to delegate every single thing that needs to be done, promotions are no different. Instead of sayings “that’s not my job” do what needs to be done. Your assigned task is always first priority but there are always periods of down time when the crowds aren’t swarming, take that time to pick up the area, clean computers, restock pamphlets, etc. When your looking for ways to work instead of avoiding them you’ll always find something to keep you busy.

Positive Attitude – Nothing kills the energy of an event then a bad attitude. Funny thing is most negative people don’t see themselves that way. Many people without realizing it try to connect with people by using a negative comment such as “This weather sucks, it’s miserably hot!” then without thought the other person agrees and so sets the mood for the day. At events, a lot of the people working not just the BA’s, will say “that person is an idiot or look at that outfit.” These kind of statements seem harmless but they aren’t. It’s human nature to mirror the behaviors of the people around us. When someone makes a negative comment you don’t have to agree to be polite and you don’t have to attack them for being negative. What I do at events and in everyday life is find the silver lining and vocalize it. “It’s so hot!” my response “I love this time of year, we should go get ice cream on break.” “That person was an idiot” my response “Eh we’ve done the survey a hundred times today, some people aren’t familiar with touch screens.” “Look at that outfit..” my response “To each their own, better to be unique than boring :)”

You get the point. Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their attitude and can go either way, be the person who brings everyone up.

Punctual – Be reliable, be on time. It’s really annoying for everyone if your the person who thinks there 30 minute break starts when they get to their destination or after they go to the bathroom. It’s not fair to your colleges and it will either create bad blood or everyone else will feel entitled to longer breaks as well. Your making good money for a simple job don’t take advantage of that.

If your interested in getting started I would suggest making profiles and getting in touch with the following companies: or like thier fb page at

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    Kristie you are an inspiration!

  2. “How to be a Promo Model tinyhouseontheprairie” certainly got me personally hooked on your page!
    I personallywill certainly be back even more normally.
    Thanks a lot -Alicia

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