Is Two Too Much?

Me 4 years old Coeurd'Alene, ID

Me 4 years old Coeurd’Alene, ID

“The choices you make now affect the opportunities available to you in the future. -Chris Guillebeau”
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I was mentioned in an article today on for having a tiny home in Idaho and a second one planned for Hawaii. For research they posed the question on their fb page, What do you think about owning more than one tiny house in different locations? Most people thought it was a great idea (if you could afford it) but there were a few who thought that it kind of defeats the purpose of living tiny in the first place.

I have to admit that I too considered if it was too much. After all my website tag line is “all you need is less” which I thoroughly believe to be true. But maybe there should be an asterix next to the tagline – All you need is less *except when it comes to joy, kindness, gratitude, and love. I love the time spent with my mom building the original and can’t wait to make more memories on a second one. I’m really grateful for the all the friendships that have come from this experience. I also get giddy when I think about how my friends and family will be able to enjoy this second tiny house in paradise.

I have always dreamt about having several homes around the world that loved ones could enjoy and I could rent out when not in use. The ultimate luxury I thought. The thing is I also thought I would have to be a gazillionaire to afford it. When I built my tiny house and got the land for less than what most people spend on a car, I started to imagine the possibilities. From time to time I would browse the craigslist ‘real estate for sale by owner’ section and late January I saw an ad for a plot of land on the big island for $8,000 and the owner was willing to carry! I called the seller and we hit it off. He shared my passion of having multiple small homes (or in my case tiny ones) around the world instead of one mediocre one in the suburbs. I bought the land site unseen, settling for exploring the plot via Google earth instead.

It’s amazing to realize that this tiny adventure will allow me to own two homes with no debt, with literally zero credit on a modest income. Imagine what your life would be like if you scaled back on the things that don’t fulfill you and purely focused on the things that do…

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25 thoughts on “Is Two Too Much?

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  2. Zach

    Kriste what island will you be relocating on? Can´t wait for the beautiful pics from Hawaii, make sure to invest in a nice camera:)

  3. Glad you posted this. I don’t think two is too much if 1) you can and afford it and 2) you use it, love it and appreciate it.

  4. tinyhousetalk

    Ready for Hawaii since age 4 ha

  5. Ann

    Congrats! How big is the plot and how long is the seller willing to carry?

    • Thanks Ann, the agreement is for 3 years but I hope to have it paid off much sooner

      • Ann

        That is really fantstic Kristie! The renting it idea is really great too. :)

      • Thanks Ann – there are two other tree houses in the area that are completely different styles but they both stay rented pretty regularly so here’s hoping I can add something original to the area :)

  6. tom

    are you going to put the new one on wheels, and have you checked for any zoning or other restrictions on the property? I think it sounds like a great idea and I’m thinking about doing that too. I have a daughter in Michigan and another in Florida with large enough lots for my needs . Good luck
    and remember to post lots of pictures

    • Hey Tom is about 1/4 acre, just jungle really with a little clearing. It won’t be on wheels but stilts instead. I’m making it small and don’t plan to resell so I will try to get around having to have permits.

      It will be more like building a fort :)

  7. This is perfectly dreamy! To be able to live in many different locations, share what you have with family and friends, and possibly earn extra income…what’s not to love?

    • Thanks Betsy I’m really excited! I had to check out your site because the name was so clever – so many cool ideas!

      How do you take such great pictures?

  8. Brandi

    Can’t wait to see the build as it unfolds especially with all the cool ideas from pinterest,the tiny house folks,and of course from what experience has taught ya:) btw I think two tiny homes is a great idea especially with the amount invested and the vacay rental ideas:) wishing you the best!! Hawaii too cool!

  9. Crystal

    Oh My Gosh!!!!! This idea of multiple tiny homes has been in my head for sometime..It would give sooo much freedom..No worries of moving tiny homes from location to location…Just load up the car and go…Just think of all the cool places you could put a tiny home..and renting out is genius!!!!Wow!!! I am sooo glad to see that there are so many people out there thinking just like me…You are going to LOVE Hawaii…We just moved from Oahu 7 months ago and we miss the islands ALOT!!!! Best of luck in the islands…

    • Crystal thanks for your comment. There are a lot of possibilities!

      Where and why did you move? Just curious..

      • Crystal

        Mu husband retired from the Air Force and that Hawaiii is REALLY expensive…but if we could of built a tiny house we would still be there…I will see how your journey goes and then maybe we might consider moving back…Best of luck to you!!!

  10. Obviously, you have hit a chord with the choir. To take this to another level, we live in a transient society. Jobs that people love, friends, families move. This leaves us with a choice. Sell the McWhatever and try to refinance and carry two large mortgages, move our sh!t and get settled, just in time to do it all again. This concept of being able to be this transient AND have a home for yourself will make the powers that be very cranky (good thing). As always, inspiring (and jealous!).

  11. Taylor

    Not to be a kill joy, but to buy land site unseen in Hawaii is risky. Since you purchased land near Hilo, the annual rainfall is 128 inches a year. That’s over ten feet of water per year! Hilo has been destroyed by Tsunami in 1946 & 1960. I would not recommend using wood for your tiny house due to massive amounts of termites! Perhaps you can use cinderblock construction. You can use water catchment system to save rainwater for drinking etc. Hopefully you did not buy land near the Royal Gardens subdivision because you would be building in a lava zone. Google the pictures to see what lava does to cars and houses in the Royal garden Subdivision. You did pick the cheapest spot to live in Hawaii and Hilo has a fresh fish market and wonderful produce etc If you are interested in building a treehouse these people can get you started http://www.treetop

  12. The cool thing about Hawaii is that you can live outdoors a lot of the time, if you want! I loll forward to seeing what you build!
    I read somewhere recently that the entire universe is populated, every planet and that the people of each planet make their bodies out of the elements of that planet. So if the planet is mostly mercury, so will the physical body.



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