Woodland Guest Bedroom

A couple weeks ago my mom and I tackled her guest room. It was a bright aqua colored teen bedroom for my younger sister…she’s now 23 and living on her own. It took about 3 half days and about $400.

Before Pictures

This is a basement room and it is now used for visitors. These BEFORE pictures don’t really do the transformation justice since I didn’t think to take pictures until we had already removed everything except the bed. My mom was just wanting to clear the room and maybe put up a headboard, however I can be very persuasive :)

old wood headboard

She did get her headboard. We used a couple of old weathered picnic table inserts she had lying around outside. We had to cut them to get the right size but it didn’t cost a dime. We looked at every store Pocatello has to offer and couldn’t find a desirable bedding set. We ended up getting a cream quilt from Fred Myers as well as a printed fleece throw at the foot of the bed. We matched the darker color in the bedding for the wall paint which we also got at Freddy’s called Hen House.

closet makeover

The real wow factor is when people come in and turn around to see the closet. We removed the curtains and carpeted the inside. I convinced my mom that we could cut an old dresser that they already had right down the middle then patch it back together to make it fit inside the closet. Then we could spend the money saved on that to line the closet walls with fabric!


We bought the oversized round mirror at Ross. Fabric is from JoAnnes (the only fabric store here). I printed off a simple “Be our guest” text and put it in a great wood carved frame. We also filled the top drawer with things a guest might have forgot, shavers, toothbrush etc.


The woodland inspired curtains are from Bed Bath and Beyond which we hung from wall to wall for effect. The off centered electrical box drives me batty but the work and mess to move it just wasn’t worth this decorating quickie. We used a cup hook to swag it to center. The thrift shop, spray painted chandelier was left over from my sisters room and we added a home made drum to make it more contemporary. Because of the chandelier’s size we couldn’t find a lamp shade big enough to fit over it. Lowe’s has a beautiful neutral drum light but it was $80 so we took some brown roof flashing and made our own for $10.

Another money saver is to use conduit which is strong and super cheap for your curtain rods. We spray painted ours brown.

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6 thoughts on “Woodland Guest Bedroom

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  2. brandi

    Awesome love headboard and awesome ideas on the closet,ever thought of doing this for a living? Your so creative ..redesign by k.Wolfe :)

    • Thanks Brandi! I considered it about a decade ago, even attended the prerequisite program at the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach. I didn’t continue for a bunch of reasons but I do enjoy the occasional project :)

  3. Did you have to sand the headboard? Looks very nice :)

  4. Nice work, positive vibrations!

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